The Year of Yes {Part 1}


It was March 2017. I was at an evening my church was holding that was all about the Holy Spirit. I was standing in the corner as the evening wound down; I was waiting, listening.

Then I heard it. I couldn't tell you if was audible or a whisper in my soul, but I was sure I had heard God say the word "yes".

I knew what He was talking about. The church that I was interning for had asked if I would be interested in staying on if they offered me a job. In that moment I was sure that God was telling me that - in spite of all of the impossibilities, difficulties and hurdles we were facing - the church would be granted visa sponsorship status and I would be staying abroad for longer.

That one word gave me a sense of peace and hope that I had desperately been looking for in the midst of a roller coaster ride of a situation (applying for visa sponsorship is not a walk in the park).

"Go and tell them."

That was the next whisper.

I wanted to do anything but share what I had just heard.

"You want me to do what? If I tell them You said that and then we don't get that visa, I'm going to look crazy." My response was quick. I wanted to hold onto what I had heard and not let go, but I didn't want to look crazy.

I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to tell someone what I had heard from God. So I pulled the two people in the room who knew we were attempting a visa application aside and told them what I felt like God was saying.

I later learned from one of them that they were unsure whether to affirm the faith I had in what I had heard or whether they needed to manage my expectations. Yea, it sounded as crazy coming out of my mouth as I thought it would.

Why I am telling you this story? Why is the fact that I heard yes, so important? Why does it matter that I told someone?

Because God fulfilled His promise.

In a political climate that indicated I shouldn't have gotten a visa, I did. As every other visa sponsorship application we heard of got rejected, ours got accepted.

For me, that night in March defined this past year. That night was about acknowledging the impossibility of a situation and embracing the power of God. It was about staking my claim, not just in my heart but for others to see, on the promise God gave me. It was about being willing to look foolish in pursuit of Christ. It was a moment of totally letting go and trusting that He would catch me.

This year became the year of yes. When God said "yes", I said "yes" in return. Yes, I will trust You. Yes, I will follow this call.

Have you had any defining moments with God this year?

Stay tuned for The Year of Yes {Part 2} to find out what saying yes in return meant this year.


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