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Honor, Glory & Acknowledgements

There it sat in its little (expensive) green binding. Done. The final part of a year long master's course. Few people will ever read it. The people who grade it. The people who review those grades. That's basically it.
Of the people who read it, few will notice the end of the acknowledgements section. "Finally, and most importantly, I owe my gratitude to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for setting me on this journey in the first place and for always providing me with exactly what I needed when I needed it." I thanked my supervisor; I thanked my friends. I thanked my family. But those are the words that ended my acknowledgements for my master’s dissertation. And they were not enough. But how does one sum up, a year’s worth, no a lifetime, of gratitude in a single sentence? How does one say thank you for putting me where I am? For direction? For provision? For the right people? The right church? The best family? For peace? For the right Scripture, the right song when I …