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The Stars

When I lived in France, my fellow international students used to ask each other what we missed the most from home. We had one rule though: the answer couldn't be people or food. Why? Because, with out that rule, it always was. (Yes, whether we ex-pats admit it or not, generally the most missed things while abroad are family, friends, and food). So what do I miss most about America – sorry dear ones, for the time England is home – that is not family, friends or food?

The stars. Right now, what I miss most about America is the stars. Anyone who’s ever lived in both the city and the countryside knows what I’m talking about. There is a marked difference in looking up at the sky when the city lights cancel out the beauty of the stars.
I’ve been thinking a lot about stars lately. After a few late night car rides in the US, I got to spend a lot of time looking at the stars.
Do you know why God made the stars?
No? Well He tells us. Genesis 1:16-18 reads as follows:
“God made two great lights …