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I should be working right now. It's not quite five o'clock, my usual cut off time for research if I am not done with the days tasks, but here I am writing a blog. One that is long over due. It was one I started to write weeks ago, but could not finish (as I realize is often the case).


Anyone who has been away from home knows the feeling. Although, I keep in touch with friends and family at home (thank the Lord for technology!), occasionally I still find myself going through intense bouts of longing for the people and places that make up home. After all, technology cannot always make up for the fact that I'm on a different continent, in a different time zone and have an entire ocean between me and where a part of my heart will always reside.

A few weekends ago, I had one of those moments. Sometimes, it's the little things that trigger it; like going to see a movie that I would normally see with my family. (Yes, going to see Captain America: Civil War made…