{SE Travel Edition}: The City of Bath

Do you have a place you've ever dreamed of visiting? You know the one. There is a reason. Maybe it means something to you and your family; maybe all of your friends go. It could be in your own country or in one half way around the world. Perhaps you want to journey there for the adventure or because it holds the promise of calm. Whatever the reason, the name is probably dancing in your mind right now.

For me that place (or one of them as I have many), is Bath, England. Home of all thing Austen, Jane Austen that is. The setting of the latter half of my favorite Austen novel (Persuasion) and a few Austen movie scenes. It was at the top of the England bucket list.

And right after Easter, I got to go!

So buckle your seat belts and I'll take you on a virtual tour of the city that lived up to (and far surpassed) all of my dreams!

The first stop of the trip was the beautiful and impressive Bath Abbey. The detail of the building was incredible.

And then of course the famed Roman Baths. This tour included a fascinating audio guide. I learned so much. I don't think I realized just how much history was involved here until we learned about what the baths were used for at different times and how much they impacted the city.

I even "took the waters" as Austen would have said. (All those minerals and it tasted really gross, in case you were wondering).

If you're an Austen fan, no trip to the city is complete without checking out the Assembly Rooms which were the center of the social scene during the Regency era. A fun fashion museum with amazing historical outfits is also housed inside. The friend I was on this trip with, Ali, and I definitely geeked out (proudly) and took lots of pictures in the various rooms (as you can see above).

And then there is the Circus. Again, very hip during the Regency era.

And the even more famous Royal Crescent. Which we learned is not the only Crescent in Bath. There are quite a few, each with different titles.

We stopped in No 1. Royal Crescent for a tour of the house. Wow! It was beautiful and well done; oh and seeing how peopled lived back then was pretty cool too.

No trip to an English town would be complete without afternoon tea, especially since I was traveling with a visitor. The tea room we picked was Bea's Vintage.

We also spent an hour or two at the Jane Austen Centre. Because where else does one go on an Austen themed trip?

Of course we filled the rest of our days by wandering along the river and through the streets; we went shopping for souvenirs, caught up on life and just generally enjoyed ourselves.

It was a pretty fabulous holiday! As I said, it lived up to my expectations and more.


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