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{SE Travel Edition}: The City of Bath

Do you have a place you've ever dreamed of visiting? You know the one. There is a reason. Maybe it means something to you and your family; maybe all of your friends go. It could be in your own country or in one half way around the world. Perhaps you want to journey there for the adventure or because it holds the promise of calm. Whatever the reason, the name is probably dancing in your mind right now.

For me that place (or one of them as I have many), is Bath, England. Home of all thing Austen, Jane Austen that is. The setting of the latter half of my favorite Austen novel (Persuasion) and a few Austen movie scenes. It was at the top of the England bucket list.

And right after Easter, I got to go!

So buckle your seat belts and I'll take you on a virtual tour of the city that lived up to (and far surpassed) all of my dreams!

The first stop of the trip was the beautiful and impressive Bath Abbey. The detail of the building was incredible.

And then of course the famed Roman Bath…