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Heaven's Triumph

They spent three years of their life following Him; they had given it all up. Homes, jobs, families.

But as the sun set on that Friday, the body of their Lord was lying in a borrowed tomb.

What now?

Huddled together, locked in a room.

Shock. Tears. Grief. Numbness. Fear. Uncertainty.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end.

Every dream, every hope, gone. Vanished. The center of their lives had been brutally beaten, mocked, humiliated and hung on a cross.

The questions. The inability to cope much less move on. What was there even to move on too? Did they just go back to the way it was? Could they? Did they have another choice?

Three days. Three long excruciating days ...

I've often though that for Jesus' disciples and followers, the day we call Good Friday was anything but "good".

Every year Good Friday rolls around and those thoughts cross my mind.

I'm reminded of a promise made and forgotten.
We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be betr…

Going It Alone

On Thursday, I posted about how God had sent me champions and throughout the last few days He has continued to do so. Small gifts, unexpected prayers, encouragement, laughter. Reminding me to lean on others because I am not meant to do this on my own.

But that was not all I needed to learn this week.

Because as I stood worshipping Him through song this morning, I realized that I was fighting for breath.

Now I have asthma and the weather has changed quite a lot over the past few days - this is one of my triggers. So I knew exactly what was happening. And my rescue inhaler was in the bag that sat at my feet. I just needed to reach down, pull it out and take it.

But I didn't.


Because I told myself I didn't need it. I could breathe just a little deeper, I could sing just a little softer. Then it would all be ok. It was totally unnecessary to disturb or distract others worship. I could do this on my own; I just needed to try harder.

It sounds completely and utterly ridiculous…


When you read that word many of you may think of your favorite sports team or maybe that summer or school league you played in. But today I have been reminded of another meaning of the word.

Oxford Dictionaries defines the second type of champion as "a person vigorously supports or defends a person or cause".

This week has been hard. The work is piling up, I've had a few disappointments, I was stressed about thing and I was feeling pretty down.

But rather than keep that all inside - which I've been known to do in the past - I shared it with close friends and family.

They encouraged me. They hurt for me. They made me feel valued. They made me laugh. They helped me cry. They prayed for me. They brought me brought me to the throne of the King of the world.

They were - and are - my champions. They are my support and they are always read to jump to my defense.

And they remind me of Jonathan.

In the book of Samuel, we find out that David - the future king of Israel - had …