{SE Travel Edition}: York & Bolsover Castle

As promised, I want to tell you a little about my latest adventure(s)!

A few weeks ago, my older sister, Hannah, came to visit me here in England for five days. It was a fun 'long weekend', if not far too short. The weekend was also her birthday weekend so it was a trip and birthday celebration.

While she was here, we actually left Leeds! It was the first time - excluding school trips and going home - that I had left Leeds since I arrived back in September. We took two trips: one to the nearby city of York and one to Bolsover Castle.

York is an adorable and charming little town. When we arrived we walked into the city centre area. We did not have a game plan, just a mental list of suggestions from friends and a day to explore. We spent a good part of the day just wandering around the city. Three definite highlights of the day were walking along the Shambles (the oldest road in York), climbing Clifford's Tower, and having tea at a cupcakery (if you're ever in York I highly recommend Crumbs!).

Cupcakes & Tea
We popped in and out of random shops, bought chocolates, enjoyed lunch at a cute café, and walked around the York Minster.
York Minster
York is definitely a lovely day trip from Leeds and I would love to go back and do more in the city!

On Sunday, Hannah and I set off by train and bus to the little town of Bolsover. The one thing she requested on her trip was to see a castle on her birthday. Bolsover Castle was the one she picked, and although I hesitated at first because of the multiple transportation methods and time to get there, I am so glad we did!

Bolsover is a fabulous castle. It has a riding school (where the art of dressage was born!), ruins, a wall walk,  and the "Little" castle (hint: it isn't little at all). With great views and pretty gardens it was an afternoon well spent! We even got to have a (very cold) picnic lunch outside under sunny English skies!

The birthday girl outside of the castle!

The wall walk frames the "Little" castle.

One of many ornate rooms inside!
Both day trips were amazing and I hope to do more soon because I do not want to miss out on my chance to see England while I am here!


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