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{SE Travel Edition}: York & Bolsover Castle

As promised, I want to tell you a little about my latest adventure(s)!

A few weeks ago, my older sister, Hannah, came to visit me here in England for five days. It was a fun 'long weekend', if not far too short. The weekend was also her birthday weekend so it was a trip and birthday celebration.

While she was here, we actually left Leeds! It was the first time - excluding school trips and going home - that I had left Leeds since I arrived back in September. We took two trips: one to the nearby city of York and one to Bolsover Castle.

York is an adorable and charming little town. When we arrived we walked into the city centre area. We did not have a game plan, just a mental list of suggestions from friends and a day to explore. We spent a good part of the day just wandering around the city. Three definite highlights of the day were walking along the Shambles (the oldest road in York), climbing Clifford's Tower, and having tea at a cupcakery (if you're ever in York I hig…

Not My Home

I am not here to make apologies for my lack of blogs since the beginning of the year. This year abroad has been much busier (in both good and hard ways) than the one I spent in France or the eight months I spent in the US in between. I am here to share a bit with you though.

Today was the end of a long weekend visit from my older sister, Hannah.

She came over to England on Thursday and we spent a fun filled weekend together traveling and celebrating her birthday; *hopefully* more on that in another blog soon.

However, today I dropped her off at the train station in Leeds and she is currently on her way to London to catch a flight back to America tomorrow morning.

This made me sad. I think I am beginning to realize that this is my life now, whether I am here or in America. I am growing up and that means that from now on I will have quick visits with family and friends. Long distance texting, calls, and Skype dates. And it certainly does make me miss being stateside.

As I rode the bus …