One Step Closer

If I had to pick one phrase to describe this year, I would choose “Letting Go”.

It has been one long process this year; so many things that I’ve let go of in 2015:
  • An amazing year in France
  • My undergraduate university years
  • Where I call home
  • My stuff (at least what I didn’t box up or pack in a few suitcases)
  • My future
  • My control
For the most part, I let go of those things only after God pried my fingers loose. One by one. I wish it weren’t true, but I am so stubborn.
That letting go process has been hard (my own fault: see above). But I feel like I’ve learned some valuable lessons.
For instance, every year is amazing, just in different ways.

I will never stop learning, at school or otherwise.

Home is where my heart longs for, but it is also wherever God plants me.

My things are just that, things; the most important part of my life is the people in it.

My future is not mine; it is the Father’s. And I pray that this year I follow His will and call.

Control is a figment of my imagination; sometimes having no plan opens doors, or at least shows me windows, to things I never could have imagined.

Now, I certainly don’t have those lessons all down. But as I spoke to a friend a few months ago, we discussed that very thing. We came to this conclusion: maybe there is no moment where we can say “lesson learned” or “the end”. Maybe it really is the journey, the getting just one step closer than last time.

So on the first day of this new year, I want that to be my focus. One step closer. One more mile. One more part of this journey. Because wherever it takes me, whatever the Father’s will, I want 2016 to be one step closer to Jesus.


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