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One Step Closer

If I had to pick one phrase to describe this year, I would choose “Letting Go”.

It has been one long process this year; so many things that I’ve let go of in 2015: An amazing year in France My undergraduate university years Where I call home My stuff (at least what I didn’t box up or pack in a few suitcases) My future My control For the most part, I let go of those things only after God pried my fingers loose. One by one. I wish it weren’t true, but I am so stubborn. That letting go process has been hard (my own fault: see above). But I feel like I’ve learned some valuable lessons. For instance, every year is amazing, just in different ways.
I will never stop learning, at school or otherwise.
Home is where my heart longs for, but it is also wherever God plants me.
My things are just that, things; the most important part of my life is the people in it.
My future is not mine; it is the Father’s. And I pray that this year I follow His will and call.
Control is a figment of my imagination; sometimes hav…