Christmas In The South

It's what I keep hash-tagging all of my Christmas Facebook posts. It's what I am calling this trip home in my head. It's how I motivated myself through a twenty-four hour long day of travel.

But what is Christmas in the South?

Well as we approach Christmas week, let me welcome you inside my little Christmas world.

Christmas in the South is ...

Palmetto trees decorated with Christmas lights.

Blow-up Santas on tractors decked out in Christmas (fairy) lights (I kid you not, there is one in my town).

Nativity scenes in every other yard.

Christmas in the South is ...

Food. So much food.

Decadent breakfasts.

The best Southern casseroles.

Family recipes that have been handed down through generations; the ones that we make together because that makes the dish.

Christmas in the South is ...

Church services where we sing Christmas carols.

It's little children dressed as Mary and Joseph for the church play.

And a country Christmas themed cantata sung by the adult choir.

Christmas in the South is ....

Waking up on Christmas morning never knowing whether I'll be wearing sweaters or shorts (it is looking like a shorts kind of year this time around).

Being surrounded by the ones you love most.

Reading the Christmas story from the Gospels with the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background.

Christmas in the South is ...

pretty unique (at least in some ways).

But ultimately, my Christmas in the South is about celebrating the birth of my Saviour. He came as a tiny baby. It was messy and it was miraculous. There was nothing normal about it. But then, there was nothing normal about that baby Boy either.

Because He came to save the world. He came to save you.

So no matter where, or how, you celebrate Christmas this year, remember why we celebrate.

His name is Jesus.


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