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Christmas In The South

It's what I keep hash-tagging all of my Christmas Facebook posts. It's what I am calling this trip home in my head. It's how I motivated myself through a twenty-four hour long day of travel.

But what is Christmas in the South?

Well as we approach Christmas week, let me welcome you inside my little Christmas world.

Christmas in the South is ...

Palmetto trees decorated with Christmas lights.

Blow-up Santas on tractors decked out in Christmas (fairy) lights (I kid you not, there is one in my town).

Nativity scenes in every other yard.

Christmas in the South is ...

Food. So much food.

Decadent breakfasts.

The best Southern casseroles.

Family recipes that have been handed down through generations; the ones that we make together because that makes the dish.

Christmas in the South is ...

Church services where we sing Christmas carols.

It's little children dressed as Mary and Joseph for the church play.

And a country Christmas themed cantata sung by the adult choir.


Lost & Found

I am officially back in America for Christmas break. Three weeks with family and friends to celebrate one of my most favorite holidays. I love the trees, the lights, the songs, and the food. I love catching up and spending time with the people I love. But to get here I had to cross an ocean on Monday.

Four airports.

Three flights.

Two car rides.

One lost laptop.

Yes, one lost laptop. After arriving in America, I found the gate for my last flight and went in search of food. As I was placing my wallet back in my backpack, I realized that my backpack seemed far too light.

As my heart hit the floor, I quickly stepped to the side of the concourse and unzipped the main compartment of my backpack only to have my fears confirmed. My laptop was missing.

In that moment I felt so nauseated; my heart stopped beating and for a moment I couldn't breathe. I could literally picture myself placing my laptop beside me on the bench after I re-cleared security in America. I knew I had left it there.

Valleys: Bad ... Or Good?

I wrote this last year; I had just gotten back from Rome, the last stop on my 21st birthday Italian adventure. My flight back was over the majestic Alps. These were my thoughts. I was looking through some old things I had written and writing some new when I found this tonight. I didn't share it then, but tonight I will. Because it reminded me that, when it is all said and done, Jesus is in control even when we don't always see it.

Valleys. I think when we hear that word we tend to associated it with bad things. We think valleys equal despair and darkness and sorrow. And I think part of that is right. After all David wrote in Psalm 23 about "the valley of the shadow of death." It doesn't get much tougher than that. But I've been thinking about valleys lately. As you may know, I have this love affair with the mountains. Mountains of all shapes, sizes, and locations. My favorite mountains are the Blue Ridge of the Appalachians. However, I've recently had the cha…