The First Two Weeks!

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. It's been on my to-do list since the beginning of last week. But then came the onslaught of four days with six hours of lecture - to be fair, there was one day in the middle without. All of the readings, problems with my asthma, grocery shopping, laundry, and the list goes on and on and on. Hello, everyday life.

But finally, I have a moment to just sit down and write. I could write about so many things, but let me just give you a quick update.

England is fantastic! There are just enough things from home to be familiar, but just enough things that are different to take me outside of my comfort zone. Like looking the opposite way I think I should when going to cross the road. Yep, that is a biggie. Also, while all my American friends are sitting down to watch their college (American) football games, England is entranced with the Rugby World Cup. Still trying to figure that sport out, though I think (maybe) I am slowly getting it.

I am living in a lovely little school flat - in university 'halls' - with five other girls. Two of us are Americans, two are Brazilian, one in Chinese, and one is from Hong Kong. It's a fun mix of people, and I am enjoying getting to know them! I love my flat. It's just big enough and has just enough of conveniences (read 'full American style kitchen') that it is perfect.

I have also found a church that I enjoy; in fact, I will be on my way there shortly. It has a university student ministry which is fantastic and I can't wait to be involved!

And of course, I am here to go to school. I've had one week of orientation and one week of classes - as I mentioned above. Although somewhat long and intense, both have been enjoyable as I learn new things and meet new people. This year holds lots of promise!

Now after that long and somewhat routine update, I want to leave you with some pictures from our orientation fieldtrip. Enjoy a bit of the Yorkshire Dales National Park from your seat in whatever corner of the world you're joining me from!

It was sunny but chilly!
The village of Grassington. 
Fields for the many sheep that are raised in the Dales!
One of the oldest houses in the village; currently home to the people who run the local dairy.
Looking out onto the countryside!


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