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The Plan, A Plea, and A Praise: Part 2

The moment it hit me that there was never an actual plan, yikes, talk about throwing me for a loop.

So if there isn't a plan ... What now?
Trust Me.
Now if you've read any of my past blogs, you'll know that there was no excited "OK!" after that one.
Trust Me.
That moment is like standing on the edge of a cliff, back towards the fall, just leaning back. And letting yourself fall.
I thought it would feel like a free fall.
It didn't.
Because all those times I've been trying to stick to the plan, that's what free fall feels like. Desperately trying to grasp something, anything, to stop. Sliding down the cliff, digging in your heels, hoping that by some miracle there is a bottom.
No, falling over the side of trust felt more like floating. Like gently being grasped in loving hands and slowly lowered.
I am still not sure what's at the bottom. And I am not even going to pretend that this is easy. There are still a few things I'm grasping at because I st…

The Plan, A Plea, and A Praise: Part 1

This is not part of the plan.

I'm nearing my college (university for all my European friends) graduation. In fact, my wall calendar helpfully pointed out that 41 days from today, I'll be accepting my diploma.

And (can I just be honest here?) things don't look at all like what I thought they would look when I got here.

Not part of the plan.

Somewhere deep inside of me has been screaming that for the last few daysweeksmonths forever. But let's just focus on the last few weeks.

Mayday, mayday! We have left our course. We are not on the plan anymore!

What plan was that exactly?

You know it wasn't one moment. And it wasn't an audible voice. But this past week or two, as I've been watching my graduation day approach and listening to that part of me that is screaming that this was not part of the plan, I've heard the gentle whisper of God too. And He's the one asking, "What plan?"

And quite honestly, that question blew me away. What plan?

Well, uh, u…