Trust: Abraham's Story

You know when you go to write a blog post and you just can't quite figure out how to say the words you want to say? Yes? No? Well, that's where I am tonight. So many things floating around in my head that want out. I'm not sure how to put them on paper though; or if they need to come out at all. You are currently reading the third version of this post, mixed with a few portions of the second.

Right now, I'm curled up on my couch under a big fluffy blanket. It was a snow/ice day today. Mostly ice, but, oh well. Today I just tried to stay warm and get some work done (though the dreary weather wasn't helping my motivation much).

Just me, myself, and I, hanging out. Trying to process research - sometimes with more luck than others. But I've been processing other things too. A book - hey, I needed a break from the ... well, you probably wouldn't find my research too terribly interesting - and Genesis, too.

Yep, Genesis. It kind of just crept in there. I've been reading Genesis for the last month or so for my daily Bible reading. It's pretty cool that even after reading and hearing those stories so many times, God still speaks in new ways through them.

It's funny how with every version I try to write of the blog, what I want to say about Genesis changes. Not because the book or the meaning of it changes. But because, as I write and process, God makes it clearer and clearer, exactly what He has been and is trying to say to me.

That really all comes down to trust. It's been a familiar theme of my blog hasn't it?

The story of Abram, later Abraham, occupies a good portion of the book of Genesis. And as I've read the Biblical patriarch's story again, I've been struck by the theme of trust.

When Abraham trusts, God rewards. Now when I think of the word reward, I think monetary, and while some of Abraham's reward is monetary, or at the very least material, it isn't all. Sometimes it is protection. Sometimes it doesn't seem like a reward at all, until you read further into the story. Once it is not something gained, but something which is not taken away that is Abraham's reward.

When Abraham does not trust God, well sometimes things get a little dicey.

Abraham shows some times of incredible trust - he is ready to sacrifice his only son, the one who was promised him. And he shows some times of incredible distrust - in two different situations, he doesn't tell the king of the land that Sarah is his wife; instead, he says she is his sister.

So human. So like us. Trust. Distrust. God remains faithful through it all, even though He has to get in Abraham's face a time or two to remind him who he is to trust.

As I go through life right now - with the many uncertainties that loom ahead - God is softly speaking through Genesis saying "Trust me."

In the past, when I failed to trust, I'd let the devil's whisper pull me down, "You think you're a Christian? You can't even trust God. What a sorry loser that makes you."

This time I find hope in the theme of trust that weaves through Abraham's story. When I trust, I will find God's blessings - whether they seem that way or not. When I don't, there will be consequences to face of the mess I've made, but face them I will because God will be at my side still.

What has God been teaching you lately?


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