Thank You

Somehow thank you doesn't seem like enough. But how else do I express my gratitude to all of the people who have been a part of this last year of my life?

To my family: You said goodbye. You let me go. Yet you were right behind me the entire way. You've cheered me on through this year. You sent me packages when I needed a little bit of home.  You prayed for me; you've been doing it since I was born. Even if you didn't know what it would hold, you prayed for this year and what God would do.

Cafe time with Sarah in Paris!
Mom, Dad, and I in the Alps!
Prayer warriors: You know who you are. I wasn't always consistent in sending you my prayer requests, but you were consistent in your prayers. You carried me, this city, my fellow students, and so many other things to the ear of God this year. You may not have been here, but the knowledge that your prayers were going before everything I did sustained me on many days.

International and French students: You are amazing. You smiled with me through all the awesome things that happened this year. You held my hand and were there for me when things got rough. You traveled with me. You worked with me. You tuaght me about life and about myself. You allowed me to see the world God created is so much bigger than my backyard. Each of are you are so special; you will always be my international family.

Semester 1 students at Friendsgiving
Semester 2 students at Friendsgiving
Teachers: You challenged me this year. You pushed me to be the best me I could be. You made me think in ways I never have before. You also encouraged me. You have forever enriched my life.

To everyone else I met this year: You have impacted my life. You made my time here in Poitiers and my trips abroad just a little bit sweeter. You may have only been in my life for a moment but you made an imprint on my heart.

I am so blessed to have known each one of you. To have called you friend. Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but it is what I have. Today, as I watch this year draw to a close, I say a prayer for each of YOU. I pray that one day God will send someone into your life who will bless you as richly as you have blessed me.


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