European Adventures: Strasbourg

It looked like I was walking into a painting. Adorable German style housing. Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. It was a perfect last trip: Strasbourg and their Christmas markets.

I went with three friends: Michael, Fern, and Elena. I love traveling in small groups like that. You have friends to experience it with, but it is a small enough group to make decisions fairly easy.

We spent four days - including travel - on this trip. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Strasbourg is the "Capitale de Noel" - the Capital of Christmas. They wear that title with pride and embrace it everywhere.

I loved the buildings and seeing them all decorated for Christmas was magical!

Of course, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? Strasbourg has a huge tree that is beautifully decorated.

The Christmas markets were the reason we were in town! I had been wanting to go since I first decided I was going to study in France. I loved doing all my Christmas shopping there!

One of the best moments of the trip was walking through the Notre Dame Cathedral and seeing their Nativity. Unlike most, this was a story board of the story of Jesus. It started with the angel telling Mary she was going to be the mother of Jesus. It ended with Jesus being dedicated in the Temple. Underneath each scene was a Scripture verse; it was amazing to read the story of the birth of Jesus in another language and watch as other people read that story as well!

What are you doing to prepare for Christmas?


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