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To Jars of Clay: This Is My Journey

This blog post is a collection of thoughts from this past year. Thoughts from my heart as I struggled for a deeper faith. From the beginning - where I was an excited (and maybe slightly scared) traveler about to set out on a journey - to the middle - with all of its realities and the return of normal struggles - to the end - as I look back at what God has done over this year. This is my journey.
January 6, 2014

"Delight in The Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 24:7
I thought I knew what the desires of my heart were.
I've ALWAYS wanted to go to France. Ever since I could remember I was intrigued by the story of my French Acadian ancestors. I loved it when my Dad pulled out his big black book of family records. To walk the streets of my ancestors, I though that was one of my hearts desires.
I've always wanted to travel to Europe. My sisters and I, we used to play dress up. We were princesses in European countries. I always picked Austria, d…

Thank You

Somehow thank you doesn't seem like enough. But how else do I express my gratitude to all of the people who have been a part of this last year of my life?

To my family: You said goodbye. You let me go. Yet you were right behind me the entire way. You've cheered me on through this year. You sent me packages when I needed a little bit of home.  You prayed for me; you've been doing it since I was born. Even if you didn't know what it would hold, you prayed for this year and what God would do.

Prayer warriors: You know who you are. I wasn't always consistent in sending you my prayer requests, but you were consistent in your prayers. You carried me, this city, my fellow students, and so many other things to the ear of God this year. You may not have been here, but the knowledge that your prayers were going before everything I did sustained me on many days.

International and French students: You are amazing. You smiled with me through all the awesome things that happened…

European Adventures: Strasbourg

It looked like I was walking into a painting. Adorable German style housing. Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. It was a perfect last trip: Strasbourg and their Christmas markets.

I went with three friends: Michael, Fern, and Elena. I love traveling in small groups like that. You have friends to experience it with, but it is a small enough group to make decisions fairly easy.

We spent four days - including travel - on this trip. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Strasbourg is the "Capitale de Noel" - the Capital of Christmas. They wear that title with pride and embrace it everywhere.

I loved the buildings and seeing them all decorated for Christmas was magical!

Of course, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? Strasbourg has a huge tree that is beautifully decorated.

The Christmas markets were the reason we were in town! I had been wanting to go since I first decided I was going to study in France. I loved doing all my Christmas shopping there!