European Adventures: London

Hello my lovely readers! It has been a while, I know. But I just got back from a little vacation to ... London!

Let me just start by saying, I loved London! It is a fantastic city, especially at night and with Christmas lights up! Because it is winter, the sun sets around 4 PM so I got to enjoy a lot of London by night.

When I first arrived, I went to the Tower of London. Lorelei, the friend I was visiting, works near there, so I enjoyed looking at the Tower, the River, and the skyline while I waited for her to get off of work.
Tower of London. The actual tower is behind the round part. It was kind of small.
After we dropped my stuff off at her friend's apartment (who graciously let me stay there while she was on holiday), we took the Tube over to the Oxford Street area. We walked around, caught up with each other, and enjoyed the Christmas light. After dinner at the nice little Italian restaurant, we called it a night.

The next day I spent back over on the west side of London. I walked down Oxford Street and saw some of London's famous department stores.

I got to go inside Selfridge & Co! The shoe floor (yes, floor) is amazing.
I spent the afternoon exploring Hyde Park. This little country girl was in heaven! The Park is a little slice of countryside in the big city. I also saw Kensington Palace (the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!).

Hyde Park still had fall colors!
Later I met Lorelei and she showed me the St. Katherine's Docks, a little known harbor and a true treasure of London. After that, we walked along the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster. Seeing the Clock Tower and Westminster Palace at night was beautiful! I had fish and chips for dinner, too!

Lorelei and I across from Westminster!
The next morning, I attempted to go to the British Museum. However, all the walking the day before caused the arch of my left foot to (re)collapse. This has happened before, but it is quite painful, so after seeing the Rosetta Stone, I hobbled out to a bus stop and went back to the apartment.

The Rosetta Stone is huge!
Before that though, I had breakfast a Starbucks, where I met a sweet American couple from Pennsylvania. God works in pretty sweet ways: they were a Christian couple. It was so nice to chat with them. Before I headed across the road they had invited me to stay with them if I ever wanted to visit Philadelphia! The wife, Florence, also gave me some wonderful advice. Single ladies, I want to share it with you because it definitely touched me. She told me, "Wait for the man God has for you. I was thirty years old and had resigned myself to being single for the rest of my life. Then I met this man (pointing to her husband). We dated for four years, but it was all worth it!" I loved this!

After spending about twenty-four hours resting my foot, Lorelei and I were off again! This time with another friend, Kenza. We had a nice little FMU-FBS reunion right there in London! We saw Buckingham Palace and Westminster, again but from the other side. We took the Tube to Camden Town and explored some of the markets before grabbing a bit to eat at the food stalls.

Buckingham Palace. The Queen was not in because the Union Jack was up, not her standard.
The next morning I had to pack up; it was time to go back to Poitiers. The girls and I met at the train station for coffee before I boarded my train. Now I am back in France. I have one crazy, action packed month left and then I will be on a plane bound for America!


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