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Christmas Season + Processing My Year

It is officially Christmas season! Yes, Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is time to pull out the Christmas tree and decorations. Smells that will always be associated with Christmas fill the air. Christmas music floats through the house (much to the annoyance of some).

Or not.

Thanksgiving did come and go. I spent the day in class. Thankfully, I had the wonderful experience of another Friendsgiving with all of the international students and quite a few of the French students the evening before Thanksgiving. We had traditional Thanksgiving food - macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, and of course a turkey! We also had food from all over the world. It was amazing. On Thanksgiving day, I spent the evening with my fellow FMU students. I also got to Skype my family!

I definitely missed my family, but it was not as strange as I thought it would be. Since the rest of France was not celebrating, it didn't feel like I was missing out on the holiday …

European Adventures: London

Hello my lovely readers! It has been a while, I know. But I just got back from a little vacation to ... London!

Let me just start by saying, I loved London! It is a fantastic city, especially at night and with Christmas lights up! Because it is winter, the sun sets around 4 PM so I got to enjoy a lot of London by night.

When I first arrived, I went to the Tower of London. Lorelei, the friend I was visiting, works near there, so I enjoyed looking at the Tower, the River, and the skyline while I waited for her to get off of work.
After we dropped my stuff off at her friend's apartment (who graciously let me stay there while she was on holiday), we took the Tube over to the Oxford Street area. We walked around, caught up with each other, and enjoyed the Christmas light. After dinner at the nice little Italian restaurant, we called it a night.

The next day I spent back over on the west side of London. I walked down Oxford Street and saw some of London's famous department stores.


Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Wherever He leads I'll go

One year ago - if you would have asked - I would have told you that I had wanderlust in my veins. If you counted living at college, I had lived in eight places in twenty years. Now that number is nine. Nine places, twenty-one years. I really do enjoy new places. But if you remember my post about roots, then you'll know that the wanderlust is at war with the need for something solid and lasting.

Wherever He leads I'll go

Today I sit here and I am six weeks from going home. I am more than a little bit excited. Living in the here and now: I'm trying, but it gets more difficult with each day I get closer to home, to my family.

I'll follow my Christ who loves me so

But there is a catch to that. If everything works out with my grant and application to a master's program, I'll be home for about eight months before I will leave for another year. After that, I'll have to move yet again to find a job. As excited as I am about the field tha…

Hello November: My Ramblings About This Month

Well, hello November; I wasn't expecting you quite so soon. I guess I lost track of time. But here you are, so let's get started.

This month is going to be kind of crazy. When I look at my calendar it's a little bit overwhelming. This week, for instance, I'll be in class Monday through Friday for six hours each day. Yikes!

It's not all a bad overwhelming though. Toward the middle of the month I'll be headed to London to visit a friend and explore the city! I'm pretty excited about that. It will be my last trip outside of France until I fly home. That day is now less than 50 days away - excuse me while I pick my jaw  up off the floor. Sometimes I still feel like I just got here.

This week is also the beginning of the Pray for France Challenge from the International Mission Board. It's a week of prayer for this country and it's going to be special to take part from inside the country, to pray as I walk the streets. But you don't have to be here to…