A Semester Update + Our American Cookout

School has started. Yep, we're back at it again. Surprisingly, I'm actually ok with that. School starting back mean that new students have moved into Poitiers. I am really enjoying getting to know everyone. This semester we have a great group of students from 19 different countries, which is just fabulous!

I've only started a few classes so far: one language, one culture, and one business class. The culture class I love! It's fun to learn about Europe. I'm also enjoying my French class so far; I feel like I'm actually learning something this semester. I'm not a huge fan of my business class, but that is mostly because I don't understand the subject matter. I am looking forward to a lot of the classes I'll be taking this semester though. We're covering some interesting topics.

Now, that is the boring update stuff. What have I been up to lately? Well, other than trip planning and many visits to coffee shops with friends, I just hosted an American themed cookout.

Hot dogs, chips, and cookies
It was a huge hit! We had almost sixty people show up throughout the evening. I also had a great crew of helpers: Michael, Lindsay, Zach, Dan, Lottie, Lizette, & Joe! I couldn't have done it without them, and they definitely deserve a shout-out!

Some of the 60 international students who attended!
From left to right: Maud (French), Clemence (French), Dan (American), and I
I really enjoyed getting the chance to hang out with French and international friends.

We finished the night off with an American cookout tradition: s'mores! They weren't made over a campfire - we did them in the oven - but they were a hit!

The Colombians (Nathy, Lorena, Claudia, and Maria) enjoying their s'mores!
We already have a few ideas for future events, including the return of Friendsgiving, which I am super excited about.

Now it is time for me to head out for the day: I'm off to the farmer's market and my culture class!


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