One Year Later + Next Steps

I can hardly believe it but it's been one year since I began my little blogging adventure. One year since I talked about how life would soon be changing and about the new Bible verse I had discovered in my first Seeking Eagerly post. It's crazy how time passes so very quickly.

Many of you were with me when I made the big announcement: I would be living in France for the year of 2014. Remember the picture of Poitiers from that post? Well, I've since stood in that spot looking down at that same view.

I've said a lot of goodbyes, many hellos, and more goodbyes since that initial post. I've had struggles and amazing adventures. I've shared time with family and friends. I've discovered that Europe isn't everything I thought it would be; I've discovered that it is in many ways more than I imagined.

I'm still working on that Bible verse. In the past year, I've tried to seek eagerly. Sometimes the results have been better than others. There were times I sought and I sought eagerly; those times resulted in learning and becoming closer to God. And other times where I failed at the whole seeking thing, sometimes quite miserably. It's been a year to learn: about myself and my relationship with Christ.

And speaking of learning things, God has been revealing His plan through my time here. Well, actually I like to say He is revealing "next steps" because it isn't really a plan in it's entirety (and I'm working on being OK with that).

Part of those next steps involved my recent solo trip to England. Contrary to everyone's belief, I wasn't going to London on my three day trip across the Channel. I was visiting the city of Leeds. More specifically I was visiting the University of Leeds.

The Leeds Skyline
Walking down the street.
One of the more famous roads: The Headrow
As I near my final year of my undergraduate career, I have been seeking the answer to one question: what next? Really, I have been asking that question since I was twelve. What am I supposed to do with my life?

And God is guiding me to a master's degree offered at Leeds.

To be quite honest, I have mixed feelings about that. I have learned that while adventures and living abroad can be fun, there really is no place like home. I'm looking forward to returning to the other side of the ocean, and I'm not sure that I'll be eager to set off again. I must say though that England will, I believe, be closer culturally to home, making it a bit easier to live there.

But for now I'll just trust that He has a plan. And I'll keep seeking eagerly.


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