Then We Went Home ... Sort Of.

I started this post some time ago. Then life got in the way. Then I got a little sad that my parents weren't here anymore. But now I'm ready to take you through the rest of our adventure and catch you up on life!

So where else did my parents and I go other than the lovely French Alps?

We went home.

Ok, not really. But we did go to my Dad's family's ancestral home city, Nantes, France.

I think this was the part of the trip I was most anticipating. If there is one overarching reason I wanted to come to France, it's because this is where half of my roots are. My Dad's side of the family came from here. It's a connection.

The city of Nantes itself didn't impress me much. It was very modern compared to some of the other cities I've visited in France. Don't get me wrong: it had great food and a gorgeous chateau. But it lacked some of the charm of other places I've been.

But charm wasn't why I was in Nantes.

This, this was why I was in Nantes.

While it has been rebuilt since my family attended, this church is built on the same ground where my family walked. My great-great-great-great-grandfather was christened here. His father was married here while his father watched.

My Dad took this picture of me: Seven generations later.
I walked the streets that my ancestors walked. With my Dad. It was ... really I don't think there is a word that would do it justice.

Dreams do come true.

As I mentioned earlier, we did enjoy visiting the Ch√Ęteau des Ducs de Bretagne, or the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. It was once home of Anne, Duchess of Brittany: one of my favorite French historical figures growing up.

There was a moat.
And a drawbridge. My Mom happily posed outside the castle.
And a castle inside the walls.
How's this for a balcony?

It was fantastic!

I'll leave you with this for now. Look for a post about our trip to Paris later this week!


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