The End of a Grand Adventure

What an exciting week. Unfortunately, not in a good way. This past week I took a trip to the emergency room (that's the second time this year). However, I am now on the mend; though I do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that were said.

Now, I would like to share with you about the last part of my trip with my parents. You've read all about our adventures in Poitiers and Grenoble. And most recently, I shared about our trip to Nantes. After the packed five days we spent traveling, we took a few days in Poitiers to simply relax and enjoy each others company. We cooked together, watched TV shows, and talked.

And then the day came when it was time to pack up and leave Poitiers one last time.

My parents and I were off to Paris!

It was early Sunday afternoon when our train arrived in The City of Lights. We quickly took the metro to our hotel, checked in, left the luggage and headed out into the city. Our first stop was the Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens. I forgot my camera at the hotel so I don't have any pictures. But my parents and I loved the area. It was my first time visiting the Gardens and I must say they lived up to my expectations. Though slightly smaller than I expected they were very French and we enjoyed wandering around.

We also enjoyed seeing Notre Dame and eating at lovely little French cafe. My Dad got to have his escargot in Paris while Mom and I enjoyed a scrumptious chocolate mousse as our dessert!

Selfie with Napoleon's bedroom suite.
 My Dad being funny as always!
The next morning we were up and at 'em as it was our full day in the city. We started at Place de la Concorde and walked through the gardens at the Louvre before heading inside. We saw Michelangelo's work, Napoleon's apartments (my personal favorite), and of course the Mona Lisa. We spent a few hours there wandering around looking at paintings. Even though I'm not much of an art person I did enjoy it a lot!

After the Louvre, we checked out a gift shop and then went to a McDonald's for a quick lunch; the McD's here are so much better and it was my little taste of home!

My mom at the Arc.
A short metro ride brought us to the Arc de Triomphe. My parents loved not only the monument but the hustle and bustle going on around. We were there at rush hour so the road around the busy and extremely crazy.

The last place we went to that day was the city's most famous landmark: Tour Eiffel!

While I wasn't sure my Dad was going to enjoy the height, we bought our tickets and got in line to go to the top of the Tower.

Going up the Tower is done in two stages: second floor first and then the third and uppermost deck is a second elevator ride up.

Here are a couple of pictures from our visit.

Across the river from the Tower.
Look closely. Second name from the right is Legendre!
Yes, he did go all the way to the top.
The next morning we went to the Palace of Versailles.

Though the lines were long and the day was a bit rainy, the chateau is huge and beautiful. If not a little hard to admire for the masses of people. Everything was big, ornate, and mostly covered in gold.

Standing at the original gate.
As many of you know upon returning to the city that night we had a little pickpocket run in. So while my Mom left the next day, my Dad and I went to the embassy to get his passport replaced the next day and we spent a few more days together which, even though we would have wished it happened another day, we did enjoy.

That brings us back full circle to my July 4th post! I hope you've enjoyed seeing what my parents and I saw and did on our vacation!


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