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The End of a Grand Adventure

What an exciting week. Unfortunately, not in a good way. This past week I took a trip to the emergency room (that's the second time this year). However, I am now on the mend; though I do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that were said.
Now, I would like to share with you about the last part of my trip with my parents. You've read all about our adventures in Poitiers and Grenoble. And most recently, I shared about our trip to Nantes. After the packed five days we spent traveling, we took a few days in Poitiers to simply relax and enjoy each others company. We cooked together, watched TV shows, and talked.
And then the day came when it was time to pack up and leave Poitiers one last time.
My parents and I were off to Paris!
It was early Sunday afternoon when our train arrived in The City of Lights. We quickly took the metro to our hotel, checked in, left the luggage and headed out into the city. Our first stop was the Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens. I forgot my came…

Then We Went Home ... Sort Of.

I started this post some time ago. Then life got in the way. Then I got a little sad that my parents weren't here anymore. But now I'm ready to take you through the rest of our adventure and catch you up on life!

So where else did my parents and I go other than the lovely French Alps?
We went home.
Ok, not really. But we did go to my Dad's family's ancestral home city, Nantes, France.

I think this was the part of the trip I was most anticipating. If there is one overarching reason I wanted to come to France, it's because this is where half of my roots are. My Dad's side of the family came from here. It's a connection.

The city of Nantes itself didn't impress me much. It was very modern compared to some of the other cities I've visited in France. Don't get me wrong: it had great food and a gorgeous chateau. But it lacked some of the charm of other places I've been.

But charm wasn't why I was in Nantes.

This, this was why I was in Nantes.

The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

Three weeks and one day ago my parents embarked on an adventure. They got on a plane and flew to France to visit me. And an adventure they got, almost from the moment they started.

Two planes, one of which was a near miss due to weather, later they arrived safely at a Paris airport. Much to my dismay the near miss on the plane was only the beginning of travel difficulties as there was a major train strike happening in France during June. After booking tickets on the only train still running between the airport and my city, my parents finally arrived around 10 pm that evening. At that point, I was simply glad they made it.

While we were supposed to spend the next day in Poitiers before taking our first trip, the train strike changed our plans. I'm not complaining though. The first three days of their trip I was able to show them my city. My home. All of my little haunts and favorite places. My school, my favorite bakeries, the places I shop for groceries, and so much more. It was …

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs ... Or Maybe A Muffin Will Do

I'm sitting in a Starbucks eating a lemon poppy seed muffin while enjoying my grand mocha frappachino.

Sounds fairly normal for an American college student, right?
It is. Except I'm sitting in a Paris airport on the 4th of July.
That's right. No fireworks, no grilled hot dogs or hamburgers (though I do plan to have a bowl of Mac and cheese for dinner), no patriotic music. Instead I'm surrounded by French voices who may or may not know just what this holiday means to the petite American sitting a table away. Or even the part their country played in making it possible.
I promise that over the next few days I'll be posting about my trip with my parents. But today I want to just stop and enjoy this day, celebrate it.
Because today, I'm proud to be an American.
In spite of the downs and frustrations the past six months have presented, the ups of my six months in Europe have been amazing. I'm learning to enjoy the adventure.
I've also learned to appreciate th…