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Learning From The Story of Michal

I love a story with a happy ending.

A few days ago, a friend posted on Facebook about how upset she was when she watched a Disney sequel where the girl ends up with another guy, not her original love. I mean it is Disney, after all, the princess ALWAYS get her prince charming, right? Apparently not.

Which brings me to the book I finished reading today. Michal is the first book in Jill Eileen Smith's The Wives of King David Series and the second book of that series I have read.

Even before reading the book, I knew that Michal's story did not have a happy ending. I have read the story of David, one of my favorite Biblical characters, many times and in doing so I have read the story of Michal.

While Smith's rendering of the first wife of David is based on the accounting of Scripture, she does weave fiction into the story. Mostly in Michal's motives and thoughts. In how she feels and reacts as her life unfolds.

And in this retelling of her story, I find myself hurting for …