From 4,116 Miles Away

Today is graduation day at Francis Marion University. My sister will be among the graduates but I will not be among the spectators (in person anyway). Since I can't be there physically, this is my open letter to my sister on her graduation day.


Today you are graduating from college. Eeep! I can't believe it.

Four years ago you graduated high school.
The past four years have held a lot of fun times.

Post Costume Bowling trip to Sonic
Like the time time you dressed up as Miss Tractor Pull for BCM Costume Bowling.

American Dream (you) with her Shield Agent (me).
Or the time when you dressed up for Super Hero night, also at BCM. We had a thing for costumes, didn't we?

We did a lot of things involving food.
We lived together. We ate together.

Erin, Kayla, you, and I had a lot of fun together.
We play together and laughed together.

We cried and, yes, we fought together.

I watched you pour over notes, books, diagrams, and charts for hours. Often after you had drawn them up yourself.

I saw all the sweat, blood, and tears you put into studying to become a nurse. The hours, the commitment, the Saturdays. I saw all the things you gave up.

Four years. And now look at who you have become.




Ready to take on the world ...

And be an amazing nurse.

Four years. You did it.

Today is everything you thought it would be.

And I may be 4,116 miles away, but I'm with you. You can find me in all the memories, in all the seats we ever sat in at the UC, and in the future cheering you on.

Today is your day. Go be extraordinary.

Forever and always your "sissy",


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