European Adventures: Paris Trip + Thoughts On Saying Goodbye

The post I wrote while on the train home from Paris Wednesday:

I dislike goodbyes.

But this morning I found myself at the airport in Paris doing just that, saying goodbye. Well, not literally. As my younger sister, Sarah, got ready to go through security we didn't actually say the words. We said a lot of things: "I love you"; "I'm glad you came"; "I'll see you at Christmas". But never once goodbye. Because it wasn't goodbye, as I constantly remind myself on this long train ride home. It was simply farewell. Until we meet again.

So what did we do for our last few days together before going to the airport this morning?

We spent our time in Paris, of course.

After returning from Lyon on Saturday night, we had a day and a half in Poitiers. We enjoyed just spending time together, talking, and watching movies.

Then on Monday afternoon, we hopped on a train for another adventure.

We arrived in Paris and took a metro across the city to our hotel. Once we arrived we realized that it was cold and rainy. So we tucked into our hotel for a while before heading out. First stop: Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Sarah in front of Notre-Dame
After Notre-Dame we walked around a bit in the Latin Quarter. We visited a few bookstores, including one that has English books - Shakespeare and Company.

Sarah browsing through the used book bin
We also saw the Sorbonne, a famous Parisian university.

At the Sorbonne
We found a cafe near the river and finally had a nice sit-down dinner. We really enjoyed the food, and our waiter was a lot of fun!

Getting ready to eat dessert, a triple chocolate mousse.
After dinner, we decided to head back to the hotel so that we could get a good night's rest and start our next day early.

The next morning we took the metro all the way across the city to the Tour Eiffel. While I had visited the Tower from the ground, I had yet to go up it. So Sarah and I got in line, purchased our tickets, and headed up the elevator.

She's visited the Eiffel Tower!
Upon reaching the second deck, I have to admit, I was a little bothered by the height. But the view was gorgeous.

Second Deck of the Tour Eiffel. Definitely gripping the rail.

 What visit to the Eiffel Tower would be complete without visiting the top deck?

Selfie at 280 meters high
We rode the second elevator to the top. Wow. The view was amazing! Totally worth the ride up. Because this deck was more closed in the height didn't bother me and we enjoyed finding different landmarks from a bird's eye view of the city.

View of the Trocadéro, located across the river from the Eiffel Tower, from the upper deck.
After the Tower, we got crepes from one of the stands across the road. This time around we skipped the sweet crepes and got the savory ones. They were delicious!

After a short metro ride, we arrived at the Arc de Triomphe. While we didn't climb to the top, we did enjoy walking around and appreciating all of the history that has taken place at the spot.

Sarah at the Arc
Another metro ride brought us to Place de la Concorde, home to the American Embassy and Napoleon's Egyptian obelisk.
Being silly at Place de la Concorde
We walked through the Louvre gardens (the museum was closed as it was Tuesday) and got caught in a short downpour before checking out a souvenir shop. 

Being a tourist!
We finished our afternoon off with a stop at a cafe for cafe avec creme (coffee with creme). Sarah wanted the Parisian experience and she definitely got it.

I'm going to miss this face!
We spent our last evening eating bread and cheese and watching Agatha Christie's Miss Marple movies in our typical fashion.

And this morning brought us to the airport.

While I am very sad to see her go home, I'm glad I got to explore some of France with Sarah. We had a great nine days together and we're already talking about exploring some of the US together when I'm back home!

Today I didn't say goodbye. I said farewell. Until Christmas.


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