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The Grove: Singleness

It has been a while since I blogged about the Velvet Ashes word prompt. And to be honest, this is not really the week I want to rejoin that discussion. Because this is the topic:

Touchy topic for an almost twenty-one year old who has never even been asked on a date.

Let me start by saying being single isn't all bad. Because I was single, I spent three of the last four summers doing summer missions - something I might not have done had I had a boyfriend. I decided to move to France for a year to study - again something I probably wouldn't have done had I been in a relationship. A boyfriend would have at least made those decisions much harder to make.

That being said, I don't like being single.

And I do get tired of the comments.

"Are you dating anyone?"

"Bring home a boyfriend from France!"

Even my parents somewhat playful, somewhat serious: "You do know we want grand-kids, right?"

Because it's not like I don't want a guy in my life.


For Good: The End of Semester 1

It's the end of the semester. We all knew it was coming.

I don't really have words for this moment. So I won't say anything. I'll let this song and the pictures that are with it say it all for me.

European Adventures: Paris Trip + Thoughts On Saying Goodbye

The post I wrote while on the train home from Paris Wednesday:
I dislike goodbyes.
But this morning I found myself at the airport in Paris doing just that, saying goodbye. Well, not literally. As my younger sister, Sarah, got ready to go through security we didn't actually say the words. We said a lot of things: "I love you"; "I'm glad you came"; "I'll see you at Christmas". But never once goodbye. Because it wasn't goodbye, as I constantly remind myself on this long train ride home. It was simply farewell. Until we meet again.
So what did we do for our last few days together before going to the airport this morning?
We spent our time in Paris, of course.
After returning from Lyon on Saturday night, we had a day and a half in Poitiers. We enjoyed just spending time together, talking, and watching movies.
Then on Monday afternoon, we hopped on a train for another adventure.
We arrived in Paris and took a metro across the city to our hotel.…

European Adventures: Lyon, France

This past Monday I left Poitiers for the second time since I've been in France. I had a very special mission: I got to pick up my younger sister, Sarah, from the airport in Paris! She is here to spend a week and a half with me in France.

We spent the first few days of our time together in Poitiers. We hosted an American cookout (more on that at a later point, hopefully) and explored the city. It was fun to see Poitiers through the eyes of someone who doesn't live here.
On Thursday, we got up early and headed off to the train station. Our destination: Lyon, France! I was very excited to take my second trip and she was excited to see another part of France. We took the high speed train (TGV) across the country. While four hours on a train may seem long, it really is a beautiful way to see the country.
A few hours after lunch time, we pulled into the train station, called a gare, in Lyon. We quickly found our hotel and settled in. We had already mapped out many of the places we …

From 4,116 Miles Away

Today is graduation day at Francis Marion University. My sister will be among the graduates but I will not be among the spectators (in person anyway). Since I can't be there physically, this is my open letter to my sister on her graduation day.


Today you are graduating from college. Eeep! I can't believe it.

The past four years have held a lot of fun times.

Like the time time you dressed up as Miss Tractor Pull for BCM Costume Bowling.
Or the time when you dressed up for Super Hero night, also at BCM. We had a thing for costumes, didn't we?
We lived together. We ate together.

We play together and laughed together.
We cried and, yes, we fought together.

I watched you pour over notes, books, diagrams, and charts for hours. Often after you had drawn them up yourself.
I saw all the sweat, blood, and tears you put into studying to become a nurse. The hours, the commitment, the Saturdays. I saw all the things you gave up.
Four years. And now look at who you have become.