Three Month Thoughts

I used to write poetry a lot. It gave me a place to put feelings onto paper. Today is seemed appropriate to go back to that root of my writing, to share my heart.

I'm three months into the year and just a few days shy of three months in France. This poem might not be what you expect, but it's real.

'South Carolina' necklace. A treasured pre-departure gift that is a fairly constant part of my wardrobe of late.
Three Months

Three months
My heart says go home
Three months
It's the time I'm usually gone.

Summer missions, an internship
Time spent away
Just a short while, my heart,
Keep homesickness at bay.

Travel, move, enjoy
All the new people, new places
Blessings, dreams, memories,
Is that wanderlust in my veines?

Now three months stretches on
One more, two more,
Three more months
Three times over before: home

Wanderlust, travel
It's fun for a time
But suitcases and boxes grow heavy
Small towns and open spaces call
Warm hugs, people saying "y'all."

All the adventures of the world
The things I've yet to see
All that's strange and different
All that calls to me

"Come, laugh, play
The world is yours to roam"
Suddenly drowned out
My heart simply yearns for home.


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