Two Months and A Trip

It's March 8. Can it really be March already? Where has the time gone? I've been in France for two months now. It's gone from being rainy and cold to (mostly) sunny and (getting) warm.

My time here has be fantastic so far. I've had three classes if I don't count the seminars from the first week. I'm finished with one of those classes. The other two, Cross Cultural Management and Negoiation, I'm in the middle of. I'm also taking a French course. For the most part, I've enjoyed my classes here. I'm really loving the two I'm in right now. I feel like I'm learning to much. I also love working with all my new friends on projects as well. I've been blessed to meet people from all over the world. Scotland, Canada, and Columbia are just a few of the countries that they come from.

I haven't been just working though; there has been some play too. In addition to family dinners with friends, I took my first trip at the beginning of the month. If you follow me on Facebook at all, you've probably seen pictures and know where I went. If not, see if you can guess from this picture.

Me. Oh yeah, and the Eiffel Tower.

You guess right! I spent four days in PARIS. I went with some of my closest friends from school and met up with other friends.

I got to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (outside only), the Opera House, Scare Cœur, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triompe. I also walked the Champ Elysees and visited the Musee d'Orsay. I wandered around the streets of Paris and saw the high end shopping district, had an authentic meal at a French cafe, and bought a few mementos to remember the trip by. Here are a few pictures from around the city.

Notre Dame Cathedral and on of Paris's Lovelock Bridges with Lindsay, my friend who is living in Germany.

                                                              The Louvre Museum.

Eiffel Tower at night. It sparkles on the hour.

France's Statue of Liberty with Eiffel Tower in background. Taken during Seine River Cruise.

FMU students with a former FBS exchange student.
From left to right: Kendrick Harkness, me, Lorelei Sommer (FBS exchanger), Quinton Gray, Michael Shaw.

P.S. Just a small note, readers. I have had a computer issue. I'm now using a borrowed iPad. Blogging on the iPad, specifically adding pictures (captioning, centering, ect.), has proven difficult. Please be patient with the blog. I'll be trying to keep y'all updated, regardless!


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