Ordinary: A Week Of My Life (Part 1)

So this week I've decided to give you a look inside my life. What does an ordinary week look like for me? Here's the first half of my week (note: I did not have school this week):


I got up this morning and headed to church with my friend Lorena. She found a church last week that has an English translator. So we walked about 25 minutes across town to hear our first sermon in English since arriving here. It was a great service! The sermon was translated by a British guy so I actually understood. The message was about Joseph (Mary's husband) and how God spoke to him through dreams and he listened. Needless to say, God has been speaking to me lately about what He wants in my future (more on that later) so I felt like that message was definitely confirmation of that. After church, Lorena and I walked back into town and enjoyed lunch at Subway. I was able to get my favorite: chicken teriyaki. After lunch, I headed back to my apartment where I spent some time learning about different masters degrees I'm interested in.


This morning I got up and spent some time catching up with the world through Facebook and Twitter. I also looked into some travel information for when my parents come! I decided today would be grocery day, so I prepared a grocery list and headed to the bus stop for my first grocery store of the day: e.leclerc. It's one of the hypermarkets in town. I did that trip in an hour and a half which is definitely a record. After a quick lunch, I sat down to do some work. Then walked up to the second grocery store of the day, Mono Prix. It's a much smaller and slightly more expensive grocery store, but, since it's close, I tend to get more common items such as bread, milk, and apple juice there. On my way to the store I stopped by the school to borrow a book from the library. After coming home and putting my groceries away I spent the rest if the afternoon doing some reading and research.

Just a few (a very few) of the groceries I bought this week.


Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. I can always look forward to Bible study in the evening. To start the day off I had a meeting a school. It was a general information session for international students. When I got home I started cleaning my apartment. First the little kitchenette, then the bathroom. I also did a little dusting and organizing. During the afternoon I spent time working on my French and making dinner. I had two of my lovely Colombian friends over and we had cheeseburgers and potato salad. 

Claudia (left) and Lorena (right), both from Colombia, enjoying their cheeseburgers.

After dinner, we had Bible study. This week we finished our study on Samson. After dinner I Skyped with my oldest sister. And then decided to stay up until 3 AM so I could Skype into FMU BCM's weekly worship service! It was great to see everyone and worship!

My sister took this screen shot of me watching worship.


After last night's late night, I slept in this morning. When I did get up, I spent some time studying and learning French. Then it was time to let the housewife (is there a word for single housewife?) in me out. I started with my homemade apple sauce.

About an hour into cooking.

After the applesauce finished, I also put some red beans on to cook. I spent the afternoon researching what plants I could grow in pots in the courtyard. It's definitely warming up and the country girl in me wants fresh veggies this summer!

So that's the first half of my week. Check back later this week to see what the rest of my week looks like!


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