Ordinary: A Week of My Life (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my week. The second part of my week was just as ordinary but had just as many great things in it.


Today was a lazy day for me. I mean really. I spent the whole morning lounging on my bed reading. After lunch, I read some more. I did have a fun evening though. First, I went to the school. My housemate, Jess, was hosting an event as part of a project for a class. She and her team had stations around the room to talk about different aspects of their culture. She talked about Thanksgiving. I also got to try my hand at Chinese calligraphy. It was hard but fun. I stayed there for a couple of hours before heading home to get some dinner. Around 10 PM, a few friends came by to take me to one of their houses where a group of us from school hung out. We played games and watched funny videos on YouTube until our sides hurt from laughing. I truly am blessed to have such a great group of friends here in Poitiers.


This morning, I got up a bit earlier than normal. My friend and fellow FMU student Michael was meeting his mom at the train station and I was going with him. When we finally got to the train station (a few minutes late) we couldn't find his mom. After searching the whole station, we looked at each other and had the same thought: "Is it really possible that we managed to lose the only other English speaking person in the building?" Needless to say, when we turned around and looked at the arrival/departure board we realized that the train was 15 minutes late. His mom made it and we took her back to his apartment.

After a lovely Friday afternoon of studying and talking to my family, Michael and I went to the supermarket. I picked up a few pots, some soil, and four packets of seeds. You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl! I now have a 'garden' in the courtyard.

That evening, Michael, his mom, myself, and a few other friends enjoyed a nice meal out at one of Poitiers many restaurants. I also received word that I had received Francis Marion's Management Award, the award for the highest GPA among management students at FMU. I was thrilled!


I spent this morning looking for flights for my parents when they come to visit me - only two months or so before that happens! And I planted my little garden. In the afternoon I spent most of my time working out more details for the trip my little sister and I will be taking to the UK in August.

Well that's my week. One ordinary but lovely segment of my time in France! What does an ordinary week look like for you?


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