Lunchtime Prayer

What does it look like to seek eagerly? Well to seek eagerly after something, one must persue it. And this week God has reminded me, through everything from a sermon to a book, that I need to persue Him through prayer, something that isn't exactly my strong suit, if I'm being honest.

So instead of my normal "please bless this food" blessing, I took time to say a lunch time prayer.

And I want to share it with you. Maybe it will encourage you. Maybe, just maybe, this is something you feel led to work on too.

Dear God,

Thank you for Your blessings.

Like friends and family who love me and miss me. I love them and miss them too, Jesus. Please watch over them while we're far away.

Thanks You for the little things in life. 

Like packages with peanut butter, grape jelly (this pb & grape sandwich is good, Jesus), and Reese's Pieces.  Because while I enjoy them, I'm reminded that sometimes You speak Your love through little things.

The little things.
Oh and a few weeks with one hour less in the time difference. That's another little thing I thank You for.

God, thank for for mercy, for grace, and for love. 

Even when I let myself get caught up in the busyness of life and all the other things that I let occupy my time and thoughts, You're there to gently guide me home. I don't deserve this love. But You give it anyway. Be the center of my life.

Thank You for walking with me through life.

For being there in every little detail. Right down to the presentation I'm about to give. Would You walk with me and my group and help us do our best? Thank You.

God, thank you for the struggles in life.

Like struggling with my asthma yesterday 'cause it reminds me once again to breathe. To just relax and breathe and take time in life. Time for You. Time to just breathe You in.

Thank You for the sunshine You sent our way, and for the cold that's come back because it makes me appreciate the sun. 

And The Son.

Thank you most of all for The Son. Because without Him I don't know where I'd be.


Will you join me in seeking eagerly through prayer?


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