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Ordinary: A Week of My Life (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my week. The second part of my week was just as ordinary but had just as many great things in it.
Today was a lazy day for me. I mean really. I spent the whole morning lounging on my bed reading. After lunch, I read some more. I did have a fun evening though. First, I went to the school. My housemate, Jess, was hosting an event as part of a project for a class. She and her team had stations around the room to talk about different aspects of their culture. She talked about Thanksgiving. I also got to try my hand at Chinese calligraphy. It was hard but fun. I stayed there for a couple of hours before heading home to get some dinner. Around 10 PM, a few friends came by to take me to one of their houses where a group of us from school hung out. We played games and watched funny videos on YouTube until our sides hurt from laughing. I truly am blessed to have such a great group of friends here in Poitiers.
This morning, I got up a bit earli…

Ordinary: A Week Of My Life (Part 1)

So this week I've decided to give you a look inside my life. What does an ordinary week look like for me? Here's the first half of my week (note: I did not have school this week):
I got up this morning and headed to church with my friend Lorena. She found a church last week that has an English translator. So we walked about 25 minutes across town to hear our first sermon in English since arriving here. It was a great service! The sermon was translated by a British guy so I actually understood. The message was about Joseph (Mary's husband) and how God spoke to him through dreams and he listened. Needless to say, God has been speaking to me lately about what He wants in my future (more on that later) so I felt like that message was definitely confirmation of that. After church, Lorena and I walked back into town and enjoyed lunch at Subway. I was able to get my favorite: chicken teriyaki. After lunch, I headed back to my apartment where I spent some time learning abou…

Lunchtime Prayer

What does it look like to seek eagerly? Well to seek eagerly after something, one must persue it. And this week God has reminded me, through everything from a sermon to a book, that I need to persue Him through prayer, something that isn't exactly my strong suit, if I'm being honest.
So instead of my normal "please bless this food" blessing, I took time to say a lunch time prayer.
And I want to share it with you. Maybe it will encourage you. Maybe, just maybe, this is something you feel led to work on too.
Dear God,

Thank you for Your blessings.
Like friends and family who love me and miss me. I love them and miss them too, Jesus. Please watch over them while we're far away.
Thanks You for the little things in life. 
Like packages with peanut butter, grape jelly (this pb & grape sandwich is good, Jesus), and Reese's Pieces.  Because while I enjoy them, I'm reminded that sometimes You speak Your love through little things.
Oh and a few weeks with one hour l…

The Grove: {Just Breathe}

This week' sword prompt over at The Grove caught my attention.

When I saw it, I almost laughed. What that word means to me. There's the literal and then there is what God reminds me, the spiritual. Let's start with the literal.
"Don't forget to breathe."
It sounds like a silly statement, but I hear it quite often from friends and family. I have asthma. And sometimes I forget to breathe. When things get intense, I just stop. My lungs don't do what they are naturally supposed to, and I have to remember to breathe. I've been reminded of that this past week as my asthma has had a small flair up. And so I've found myself focusing on breathing.
Just breathe. In. Out. In. Out. A little deeper. In. Out. In. Out. Don't focus on that. Just breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Let everything else fade. Just breathe.
And I let myself settle into the rhythm, focusing on something I all too often take for granted. Something that should be an extension of me.

Two Months and A Trip

It's March 8. Can it really be March already? Where has the time gone? I've been in France for two months now. It's gone from being rainy and cold to (mostly) sunny and (getting) warm.
My time here has be fantastic so far. I've had three classes if I don't count the seminars from the first week. I'm finished with one of those classes. The other two, Cross Cultural Management and Negoiation, I'm in the middle of. I'm also taking a French course. For the most part, I've enjoyed my classes here. I'm really loving the two I'm in right now. I feel like I'm learning to much. I also love working with all my new friends on projects as well. I've been blessed to meet people from all over the world. Scotland, Canada, and Columbia are just a few of the countries that they come from.
I haven't been just working though; there has been some play too. In addition to family dinners with friends, I took my first trip at the beginning of the month…