The Grove: {Home}

I've been blogging a lot lately. More than usual anyway, but I have some time on my hands. And I haven't taken part in The Grove at Velvet Ashes in a few months. This week's topic touched a chord with me.

Almost two months ago now, I wrote about Roots. I talked about putting down those roots and all that means to me.

So what is home? What do I think of when I think of that word? Is home a place? Is it the people your with? Is it a combination of both?

For me this is what home is:

Home is the town I grew up in.
It's the house where my family lives.
Home is the school I go to.
It's the country I study in.

Home is the people I love
It's my Mom and my Dad
My sisters, and aunts and uncles
My Paw Paw and my cousins.

Home is my friends
The ones I've known
And the ones I just met
Who love me in spite of, or because of, who I am.

Home is a place to call my own
Be it a bed in my room
My flat in a foreign country
Or the places I've spent my summers. 

Home is the place I long for,
An eternity with the One I love.
Home is His arms
When I'm hurt and tired.

Home is the tears I cry
When I miss these things
Home is knowing tears are OK.

They say home is where the heart is.
So all the places I've left a bit of my heart
And all the people who hold a piece of it:
That's home.


  1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, yes. Home is all of this. Love your big beautiful definition! So glad to have you at The Grove again. And "roots" - now there's a great word prompt idea!

    1. Thanks Danielle! And it's good to be back!

  3. Elizabeth, during a debriefing session I attended, they talked about being rooted and how when we are in transition we feel "up rooted" -- I've been at the hospital today with a family member, so I don't feel I'm capable of being profound, :), but your post reminded me of roots, the journey we are on, and the way they weave together.

    1. I love how you put that Amy! The journey and our roots (there are many of them in many different places) are woven together. Maybe not in a traditional way, but in a way that is beautiful nonetheless!


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