Poitiers In Pictures

Bonjour! I know that it has been only a few days since I posted last, but I couldn't resist sharing some pictures from my recent outing exploring the town. It's such a pretty place.

This picture is of Centre-Ville, or the city center.

At one end of the square is the Hotel de Ville, or city hall. It's even more beautiful at night. Hopefully, one night I'll be able to snag a great shot!

See the beautiful details ...

This pretty building caught my eye. I think, if my translation is correct, that this used to be a museum of some sort.

Here is a housing building. I love all the Juliette balconies.

More architectural details ...

 Close to the train station, I found this pretty spot.

And I love the angle on this shot, the buildings here are so pretty in a very European way.

The Englise Notre-Dame la Grande.

And the River Le Clain. It was so very peaceful since we were down below the road.

I hope you've enjoyed this pics of my city. If you ever get a chance, you should check out a beautiful little place called Poitiers, France!


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