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The Grove: {Home}

I've been blogging a lot lately. More than usual anyway, but I have some time on my hands. And I haven't taken part in The Grove at Velvet Ashes in a few months. This week's topic touched a chord with me.

Almost two months ago now, I wrote about Roots. I talked about putting down those roots and all that means to me.
So what is home? What do I think of when I think of that word? Is home a place? Is it the people your with? Is it a combination of both?
For me this is what home is:
Home is the town I grew up in. It's the house where my family lives. Home is the school I go to. It's the country I study in.
Home is the people I love It's my Mom and my Dad My sisters, and aunts and uncles My Paw Paw and my cousins.
Home is my friends The ones I've known And the ones I just met Who love me in spite of, or because of, who I am.
Home is a place to call my own Be it a bed in my room My flat in a foreign country Or the places I've spent my summers. 
Home is the p…

Poitiers In Pictures

Bonjour! I know that it has been only a few days since I posted last, but I couldn't resist sharing some pictures from my recent outing exploring the town. It's such a pretty place.

This picture is of Centre-Ville, or the city center.

At one end of the square is the Hotel de Ville, or city hall. It's even more beautiful at night. Hopefully, one night I'll be able to snag a great shot!

See the beautiful details ...

This pretty building caught my eye. I think, if my translation is correct, that this used to be a museum of some sort.

Here is a housing building. I love all the Juliette balconies.

More architectural details ...

 Close to the train station, I found this pretty spot.

And I love the angle on this shot, the buildings here are so pretty in a very European way.

The Englise Notre-Dame la Grande.

And the River Le Clain. It was so very peaceful since we were down below the road.

I hope you've enjoyed this pics of my city. If you ever get a chance, you should che…

Not Without Pain But With Purpose

I'd like to share some words I wrote a few days ago. It's something that God is teaching me. And I know this is going to sound backwards, but I want to share the way He is confirming these thoughts first.

Today, I was once again able to go to church. For the most part, I understood little of what was said. It was all in French, after all. But as I sat in church worshiping with other Believers, I had this thought:

"No, I can't understand what is being taught or sung (to be fair they did sing two songs I know, but in French). But worship isn't about me and what I get out of it. Worship is about God and what I put into it."
Now, here is the blog post I wrote several days ago.

I should be going to sleep right now. I've been in two straight days of 6 hour classes - don't worry I get a lunch break - and I have another class tomorrow. And those of you who know me know that sleep is a treasured thing for me. But I'm not going to sleep right now.

I told you …

Photography: {Hewett Wedding}

Sometime ago, I shared pictures from an engagement session I did with an amazing couple. On a cold weekend in early January, I was privileged to once again pull out the camera equipment and take their wedding pictures.

It was a beautiful wedding that reflected their love for each other, their love for God, and their personalities. It was funny and relaxed with all the seriousness and commitment the moment deserved.

Without further ado, I'd like to share some pictures from the big day!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hewett! I pray that God blesses you with a long and beautiful marriage!

My Feet On French Soil: An Update With Pictures

Bonjour de France! Hello from France! Yes, after all those months I'm finally writing in my little flat in France. I still can't quite believe it. It's different, but I don't feel like I'm half a world away from home.

So what has my time here in France been like? To be honest it's been a little bit of a rough start. After the original flight my friends and I were supposed to take was delayed, we finally left the states on Wednesday night. A little less than 24 hours of travel later, we arrived at the train station in our new home - for the year anyway. We were picked up by students from the school we're attending.

After spending our first night in a hotel, we arrived at our flats the next day. We jumped right into school with our first classes on Friday afternoon.

Then I got sick. I'm still pretty sure it was food poisoning. It lasted about forty-eight hours before I was back on my feet again, and it included a trip to the local French hospital. It was …

Flight Delays, Fortune Cookies, and My Full Attention

I should be in Poitiers, France right now. I should be unpacking and setting my room to rights and telling myself I need to stay up for at least another four hours before I can consider going to bed. I should be enjoying 55° F weather.
Instead, I'm home. It's 22° F. And it feels like 13° F. I won't be in my apartment in France until this weekend.
In spite of the fact that I'm cold and questioning, God still loves me enough to speak. In the last twenty-four hours He has been speaking. And I'm trying hard to listen.
As I left the airport yesterday in a car rather than a plane, I wasn't the happiest camper with God. Due to flight delays, I had been told I wasn't leaving the country until Wednesday. My conversation with God went something like this:
"Ok, God. I'm not very happy. Um, didn't You just do all this awesome work with the visas to get us where we could leave today. So why stop now? Why not let us go? I don't understand Your plan."

Not Knowing How The Story Ends

I'm back from my temporary, unannounced blogging hiatus. The last couple of weeks have been a beautiful gift of family time. And a lot of preparation for France. Now it's a new year. Isn't that absolutely crazy? I mean where did 2013 go?

Now here is where I should insert a beautifully written blog post about how amazing 2013 was and how great 2014 will be. While I could do that - because 2013 was a great growing year for me and I know God has amazing things planned for this coming year -, I'm not going to. I want to be honest.

Last night, I had a lot of emotions washing over me. The biggest, the one that kept me up long past midnight: fear.

I'm staring a new year full of what ifs and unknowns. If you've been reading for long, you've probably figured out that those are two things I do not like.

Part of me has always wanted to go on an adventure like the one I'm about to undertake. I've read so many books where the hero or heroine goes on a journey. T…