To My Friends, With Love

I'm pretty sure my heart just might explode.

Okay, maybe not literally. But right now my heart is full. Full of love, laughter, friendship, and beautiful memories. And maybe a little sadness, too.

Today my wonderful sister and my equally wonderful best friend threw me a surprise going away party. (I'll admit, I did kind of hint that I wanted a get together to see everyone before I left). I was totally surprised. As in I-didn't-see-that-one-coming surprised.

It was fun to sit around a table filled with good friends and good food and share a special moment with people who wish me well. As I looked around the group, my heart was filled with gratitude to God for the goodness of those friendships. I am so blessed. The room was filled with my Core Group girls, my classmates, my siblings - both blood and the ones I've "adopted" - and my mom who made a surprise stop in. But they are so much more than that. The people who were in that room are my friends.

For various reasons, I deeply value friendship. In a day and age of Facebook "friends" and Twitter "followers", I think we use the word "friend" very lightly. But the friendships in that room, and others that couldn't be there, were forged through laughter, tears, late nights, and deep conversations.

I'm so glad I have friends in my life. I love each one deeply, fiercely. Which is why I'm a little sad, too. While I'm looking forward to making new friends, I'm going to miss the ones I leave behind (even if it's only temporary).

I hate goodbyes. So I'm not going to say goodbye. Instead, as I get ready to wrap up my time here at school, I'll leave my friends with this (perhaps familiar) thought.

And I know, it is Irish not French, but let's just go with it.

To my Friends.


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