The Grove Word Prompt
When I saw the word taste was the prompt for the Velvet Ashes Grove this week, I was so excited. I mean who doesn't want to write about food during Thanksgiving week?

"Taste" makes me think of all of the food that brings my family together. We love our food. My Dad's side of the family is Cajun. Yep, think gumbo, jambalaya, and étouffée. Deliciousness. Every year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we cook a Cajun style meal to say thank you to the church we serve at. That starts Thanksgiving for me.

Then we gather with family, generally my Mom's family because we live relatively close together. We have turkey, ham, homemade mac and cheese, squash casserole, rolls, desserts, and, my personal favorite, sweet potato casserole.

Our sweet potato casserole is DESSERT good! 
This Thanksgiving as I tasted all that food, I reflected on the fact that I wouldn't have all that food next year. I won't spend next Thanksgiving with my family. So I treasured today.

I treasured cooking with my Mom. I treasured getting veggies prepped for my Dad to grill. I treasured the extra days with my Paw Paw. I treasured catching up with my cousin about her life. I treasured having the guys in the family make me laugh until I couldn't breathe.

I enjoyed the taste of Thanksgiving. We had a feast. But most of all I enjoyed the taste of love all around me as we spent time together and I was able to be thankful for precious time with my family. 


  1. That's the best way to live this kind of life, treasuring the moments you DO have! So glad it was a precious day for you, filled with the taste of love. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful prompt Danielle! It definitely got me thinking about treasuring those moments!

  2. Good for you! Loved how many times you used the word "treasured"… such a good word for making the most of every precious moment!

    1. Carolyn: thank you for reading! "Treasuring the moment" has so much meaning this year! I'm going to unearth those treasures next year when I'm half a world away on Thanksgiving!


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