Grand Plans, Balloons, and A New Outlook (Part 2)

So when you read my last post, we talked about grand plans and balloons. Now it's time to talk about a new outlook.

Here is where we left off. I'm going to an area of a country that has no missionaries; proportionately, one of the highest populations in the world of people who consider themselves "convinced atheists"; is known as a "missionary graveyard"; and at best I am unsure about whether there is an evangelical church in the area.

Grand plans: POP.

So where does that leave me? Still sure that God wants me in France? Yep. I wouldn't have gotten this far if He didn't want me there. Trust me. Several parts of this journey have stretched me past what I thought I was capable of. Only God could have brought me this far.

The outlook sure looks dim though, doesn't it? If it were about me and what I could do, I'd say the outlook was impossible. But that's the thing: I'm learning to have a new outlook. It's not about me or my grand plans. I know you've heard it a thousand times. But we all still dream about the awesome things we're going to do. Christians dream about going to do missions in a foreign country and how many hundreds they'll lead to the Lord.

When I started making my grand plans, I stopped seeking eagerly. I thought I could do it.

But I can't.

I'll never be able to love the people I encounter during my year enough. I'll never have the right thing to say. I'm not super-Christian. There is no such thing. I can't change the world; only God can.

So when my balloon popped and I tripped over my pride, I fell on my face. Where I should have been all along. And I'm beginning to seek eagerly again.

I'm seeking to love Him. There will be times when I am frustrated with those around me and I don't want to love them. But I will love Him and because He loves them (John 3:16), He will teach me to love them. That will be enough.

I'm seeking to trust Him. I don't have all the answers.  He tells me to trust Him, not to worry (Luke 12: 6-7; 22). That will be enough.

I'm seeking to let Him sustain me. It may not be easy. I may or may not have the fellowship of a community of believers. And I may never know or see why He is sending me. But He promises He'll go with me (Matthew 28:20). That will be enough.

That's the new outlook I'm trying to live by. I'm working on letting go of my grand plans and just seek Him eagerly.


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