Giving Thanks During Thanksgiving

In just a few days it will be Thanksgiving. To be quite honest, this time of the year comes with mixed feelings. I love the food, family, and fellowship that come with the season. However, I am not such a big fan of the memories of Thanksgiving a few years ago when I slept in a hospital because my grandmother was dying. I think you can see why the season is bittersweet.

In spite of those feelings, I do enjoy Thanksgiving. It reminds me to do something that often I don't take the time to do. Be thankful.

Today as I get ready to go home and celebrate Thanksgiving with my church over a Cajun style meal that my family has prepared, I would like to share with you a few of the things I'm thankful for.

Jesus: how would any list be complete without Him? I wouldn't even have a list if I didn't have Jesus.

Family: as the reality that I might not see my family in person for a year sets in, this one becomes all the more precious.

Friends: God has blessed me with so many precious people that I call be this name.

France: how could I not be thankful for the wonderful opportunity God has given me to go to a country I have always wanted to go to?

I would call those the 'big ones'. Of course, I have other things I'm thankful for: my clothes, house, car, financial aid, food, etc. I'm thankful for the little details in life. For example, my "Christmas tree" that isn't really a tree but it's the next best thing.

Creative College Christmas Tree
I'm also thankful for the sovereignty of God. When I began this journey to go to France, I didn't have answers to the many questions I had. I still don't. But God is slowly, surely unveiling His plan for the next year of my life. In the past week, He guided me through social media to a church in my city in France. Through that, He showed me a group of college students who meet to study God's word.

I am thankful for God whispering "I am already there. I am already working. I have gone before you and I will go behind you." I am thankful for a God who loves me enough to remind me that He doesn't need me but chooses to use me.

What are you giving thanks for as we approach this Thanksgiving?


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