Learning to Trust in the Whirl-Wind

It's really late right now. Actually, anything past eleven o'clock is late for me. I treasure my sleep. I'm tired. I'm a bit overwhelmed. This past week has been a crazy whirl-wind kind of a week.

Since learning that I'm officially headed to France, life has kicked into high gear. I'm filling out forms, going to meetings, submitting applications, in addition to normal everyday activities and school work.

When I began this journey, I knew that part of this trip was about learning to trust God. Trusting Him with control of my life. Trusting Him with the unknown. Trusting Him with the uncomfortable. I guess part of me simply assumed that all that trusting would start when I landed on French soil. Was I ever wrong.

This last week I've been learning about trusting God. I've been learning to trust Him when I'm overwhelmed. I've been learning to trust Him when I'm stressed. I've been learning to trust Him when I can't wrap my head around all the things I need to get done much less figure out how to do them. I've been learning to trust that He is walking me through it and that He already has it figured out.

While writing this blog, I took a few minutes to look up trust in the Bible. A lot of the Scriptures I found, were in Psalms. In chapter 4, the Bible promises that those who trust in God will have joy and peace. In Psalm 9, it says that those who know God's name trust in Him and He does not forsake them when they seek Him. Those who trust in the Lord need not be afraid (Psalm 56). The hearts of those who trust in God are glad (Psalm 33) and they are blessed (Psalm 40).

Those are beautiful promises.

Trusting is rarely easy. I've struggle in the past week. I want to know that I can get it done. But it doesn't work that way. In fact when I try to do it on my own and don't trust God, I'm missing out. I'm missing out on the promises of joy, peace, blessing, and a glad heart. I'm missing out on knowing what it feels like to not be afraid. I'm missing out on recognizing that He is always there.

I don't know how much closer I am to trusting after this week. There have been many times I've still tried to figure it out by myself. But that has left me stretched a little thin. It's not an overnight transformation. It's a life long journey.

Maybe during the rest of this week instead of focusing on the fact that I'm not in control, I'm going to focus on the fact that, in trusting God, He's got my back. And He also offers many promises. I just have to let go.


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