Random Musings and Resting in God

So it's been a while since I blogged. 20 days to be exact. Those twenty days have been busy. They've been hard but they've been good.

What's happened in those twenty days? A lot. I've gotten through the first round of exams - five exams and one paper in a week and a half - on top of the normal everyday bits of schoolwork. I quit my job; the timing wasn't working out so I'm now unemployed and ok with that. I turned in my application to go study abroad for a year in France. The BCM Core Group (a small group/Bible study) I'm leading has started. I'm having a blast with that. I'm in a group with five beautiful ladies who are teaching me and enriching my life; I hope I'm doing the same for them.

The weather is changing. Have you noticed? It's cooler. The humidity has taken a vacation. Some of the leaves are beginning to turn. I love this time of the year. I'm enjoying my chai and roobios teas, and soon it will be boot weather.

Pumpkin. Yep it's fall.
These are just some of the random musings of tonight.

Today, I took time to catch up on some TV shows and spend a little extra non-class time working on French. I made dinner and I got to have a quick chat with a friend. Now I'm just relaxing, listening to my Christian Folk station on Pandora. Just enjoying listening to people praise Jesus.

So now you're caught up on what you missed in the last twenty days of my life. I'll try not to make you wait that long for an update again.

I'm realizing that the semester is passing quickly. It's almost October. To me that's crazy. Part of me wants to stop time. So little of it left before I (hopefully) head off to another continent. The other part of me wants to get there as quickly as possible. But I can't really do either. I can't stop time and I can't speed it up.

So tonight, I'm just enjoying being in this moment. This beautiful moment God created. This calm and peaceful, praise-filled, quite moment. A moment to remember that my God is good and my God is great. God is the One who brought me through the last twenty days. He is the One who created this beautiful fall time. He is the One who will walk with me through the next few months as I enjoy my time with family and friends and the next year as I start a new adventure.

God is God. Rest in that tonight. I am.


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