Feeding the 27, errr, the 12.

In the Gospels, Jesus fed the 5,000. He reached those people and touched their lives. Now I know that (barring a miracle from God), I can't feed five thousand people. But I can reach people right around me. So after being challenged last night, I changed my plans for tonight.

Now must of y'all who know me know that I don't like to change plans. I really don't like to change plans. But God is teaching me otherwise. You see I had a plan for the BCM Core Group I lead. We were going to go experience a secret church. But then I was challenged by leadership at BCM to lead my Core Group to live an intentionally missional life toward a specific group. So after God showed me and a fellow member of my Core Group that the group we should reach was literally right outside of our doors, we made plans to get to know our neighbors. We didn't plan to preach to them or overwhelm them with invitations to events. Nope, we made plans to deliver homemade goodies and just say "hi".

So this afternoon, I went off with friends and purchased the necessary ingredients to take goodies to our 27 neighbors. I even put a cute message on the door to my apartment for my Core Group members to see when they arrived.

See the bottom. More changes.
Well, as you can tell by the sign we had more changes in plans. Unfortunately, I slightly underestimated the amount of food we might need. And then we burnt some. Well you know, I guess we just didn't need to talk to EVERY neighbor in the building. So we stuck to one side.

We delivered our goody bags filled with fudge, saltine toffee, and chex mix to the ten neighbors who were home. 

We made a bit of a mess but it was fun!
Now it's time for me to restore order to the tiny kitchen that made all these treats. But as I restore order, I'm thinking about the beautiful group of young women who were willing to get messy and put themselves out there. Tonight was full of laughter, smoke, test-tasting, and a few awkward moments - after all introducing yourself to random people can be hard. Nothing extraordinary happened tonight. But tonight we made the first step in forming relationships with our neighbors. We reached out.

Will you join me in praying for our neighbors? Will you reach out to your own? It might take a change of plans. It might take some effort. After all, we're going to have to keep building those relationships, but if the end result is living a life that reflects the Gospel of Jesus Christ in front of our neighbors, then I think it will be well worth it.


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