The First Week

Wow! What a crazy week. I feel like I've done a lot since school started. I've had a taste of all my classes, three of which are business and two of which are electives. I think I'm going to enjoy them all. This semester is going to take some effort and time, but I'm OK with that. I've also been meeting with professors about applying to study abroad (more on that later). Tomorrow will start this first day of work for this semester. I'm excited about getting back into the Writing Center and tutoring students.

Textbooks from this semester's classes.
In addition to school related activities, BCM had it's welcome week activities this past week. As a part of the leadership team, I was there to help set up and take down for events, meet new and returning students, and serve all who came. It was a blast! I enjoy seeing old friends and making new oens. I'm excited for tonight: our first Tuesday night meeting of the year with dinner and worship.

This week has been full of it's ups and downs. There have been days when I haven't felt well. There have been days when I've gotten to catch up with old friends. I've enjoyed learning some things and have struggled with others. But through it all, I've been noticing something: people, in need of a Savior.

I listened to one person who feels that Jesus is just a story, one of many religions. I walked with a group as another person talked about science and fact and how it proved this or didn't prove that in the Bible. In both conversations, I heard, or rather I didn't hear one thing: the love of God. The Love that sent His Son to die so that you and I might live. As I listened to these people, my heart broke a little. Jesus is so much more than a story. And faith, well that's about believing even when you can't see and it doesn't make sense.

When I think about these two people and the many others on this campus that don't know Christ, I get a little overwhelmed. So many people who need to hear. I feel inadequate: so often I fail to be the person in Christ that I should.

But God is good and faithful, and He reminds me that when I am weak, He is strong. When I feel small and overwhelmed, He is God and in control of it all.

So my prayer today is simple.

God I praise You as God over everything! Father thank You for what You are doing on this campus! Thank You that You don't need me but that You choose to use me. Help me be in tune with Your Spirit. Use me as You will. All for Your glory!


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