My Life in a Minivan

Talk about a crazy couple of days. Since I've been back from vacation, I've done everything from move my youngest sister into her dorm to start my first day of classes.

On Saturday, my oldest sister and I packed up and headed to college to help freshmen move into their dorms. We spent most of the day toting containers up stairs as freshmen got settled in. Then we got our own keys and headed over to unload. We had filled the back of our parents minivan with an apartment's worth of stuff (minus furniture). I commented that it was my life in a minivan. Pretty much. With the help of some good friends, we managed to get unloaded in a few trips. It's taken a few days but it's mostly unpacked and decorated. It'll be our cozy little home for the semester.

Our living room and kitchen.
On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with some of my closest friends. And today (Tuesday) classes started back. That was my week in a nutshell. A lot happened, and there is still much to come this week. Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM), which I am a part of, will gear up with all of its "Welcome Week" activities. I still have three classes to tackle and assignments to start. Plus all of the other "life" things I have to do.

I have to admit: when life gets hectic like it has this week, it gets harder to seek eagerly after God. It's a whole lot easier to lose sight of the goal when distractions - some of which are good things - pop up. So as I head into the rest of this week, I'm going to make the extra effort to seek eagerly. When I'm tired, when I'm stressed, and when things look overwhelming, I'm going to stop, breathe deeply, and look to the God who is in control of it all. And know that He will be found when I seek Him.


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